March 2017

Dear Reader,


Thank you for visiting my website. If you have enjoyed some of my books, this brings advance news about my next one.


Why do people write? My family past and present is full of writers. There are stories which demand to be told.


I am always looking for answers. Why things happen. How they happen. The effect of events on people who lived through them. The small personal footprints of history. The private, individual experiences of dramas on an epic scale.


Over half a century ago, my father shared his memories with me of being a Prisoner of War for five years. Since then I have become fascinated by the Second World War. I have written about my father’s wartime in two books – ‘Dearest Jane, My Father’s Life and Letters.’ and in 1995, ‘The Coldstreamer and the Canary.’


Now I am writing the story of a young woman in wartime Britain, based on her candid, compelling and revealing diaries kept throughout those years.


Opening on a bright life of privilege and pleasure against the backdrop of the escalation of conflict in Europe in the late 1930s, then descending into the darkness and demands of Britain at war. For her generation of young women, along with the deprivation, discomfort and fear, there was also new freedom and opportunity.


My new book is rich in details of daily life at that time, for women. The story of how one young women in her late teens and early twenties coped, worked, played, loved, laughed and cried through World War 11. Courage and endurance which brought us peace.


Our world feels on the brink of momentous change again today.


‘Sentences of War’ is a history for our time. Dedicated to the young women of today. To be published in 2018.



With Best Wishes,

Jane Torday